Schedule, tables and speakers 2022

Wednesday, October 5th

16:00 - Opening

  • Antonio Rodríguez Osuna, Mayor of the City of Mérida
  • Isabel Gil Rosiña, Councilor for Equality and Development Cooperation of the Regional Government of Extremadura
  • Lucila Rodríguez – Alarcón, Director of the porCausa Foundation

16:20 - Inspiration: Projects in 10 minutes

Moderator: Dani Domínguez

  • “Emerging Voices”, Lynne Walker (InquireFirst)
  • JSK Stanford & Conecta Arizona, Maritza Félix
  • CIC, music for telling migration stories. Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
  • Migratlantes. Txema Santana 
  • Bridges: Blanca Garcés (CIDOB)
  • Pikara’s Yearbook: Mª Ángeles Fernández
  • Footprint Illustrators. Diana Moreno (porCausa Foundation)
  • Health and Migration. Michael Knipper (Lancet Migration)

Announcement of the migration journalism prize, in collaboration with the European Press Prize.


17:45 - How to cover global information from a local area. The case of the extremadura region in spain

  • Roberto Palomo (Freelance El PaÍs)
  • Ángel Sastre (El País, Telecinco, Cuatro & Telemadrid)
  • Ana Gragera (journalist from Extremadura)
  • Rocio Gómez (Carne Cruda)

16:30h - Borders SA: The challenge of researching the migration control industry

José Bautista (Fundación porCausa, New York Times) and Ángel Villarino (El Confidencial) present the SA Borders Special and discuss Southern Border and securitization with:

Ignacio Cembrero (journalist specializing in the Maghreb).
Maud Jullien (Lighthouse reports)
Steffen Lüdken (Der Spiegel) 
Sara Creta (European Press Prize)

19:30 - Documentary premiere “When does the journey end?: The lasting trauma of a child refugee in Europe”

Exclusive premiere of the unpublished documentary “”When does the journey end: The persistent trauma of a refugee child in Europe”” a documentary work by journalist Tina Xu that portrays, in web doc format, the life of an Afghan refugee child since 2015. Premiere followed by a colloquium with the director (45′).

Thursday, October 6th

10:30 - The B side of coverage: We have to talk about 'fixers'

For every journalist who travels to cover information in a different country, there is usually another journalist who helps him/her with the small details, shares his/her agenda and even takes some risks. How do we treat the colleagues we call “fixers”?

  • Esther Rebollo (Assistant director of Público)
  • Maritza Félix (Director of Conecta Arizona)
  • Vania Pigeonutt (Founder of Amapola Periodismo, Mexico)
  • Paloma Fernández Coleto (Foro de Ceuta)

11:30 - Migration and care: the links in a global chain

Nearly half of all migrants worldwide are women, the 48%. However, little is heard about the reproductive health of migrant women on the way.

  • Eileen Truax (Mexican writer and journalist)
  • Marta Nebot (Journalist, Público)
  • Lara Bonilla (Diario Ara)
  • Encarni Pindado (Freelance photographer)
  • Ginna Morelo (Fundación Gabo, Puentes de Comunicación)
  • Noor Ammar Lamarty (Freelance 5W, Público, El País)

12:30 - Who deserves protection? Armed conflict, climate change and forced displacement.

International standards of protection for those escaping from war or a situation of extreme risk are not applied with the same criteria in all societies or for all those in need of such protection. What do we journalists do to reproduce or highlight this pattern?

  • Ebbaba Hameida (RTVE)
  • Daria Gavrilova (Rusian writer and journalist)
  • Agus Morales (5W)
  • Nidžara Ahmetašević (European Press Prize)
  • Javier Bauluz (Photojournalist)

13:30 - another way of telling stories

Monologue in 7 minutes: Narratives of love to tell a world in movement by Lucila Rodríguez-Alarcón.


  • Lola García Ajofrín (Outriders)
  • Lara Bonilla (ARA)
  • Carlos Spottorno, La Grieta (El País)
  • Anna Surinyach (5W)

16:00 - Migrant Youth

Presentation in 7 minutes Berta Güell (CIDOB): portrait of migrant youth in the Bridges Project

Interview with two young immigrants in exile: from the interviewee to the interviewer How did you feel when you were portrayed?

Ebbaba Hameida
Ismail El Majdoubi (founder of ExMenas)
Yassine Isalih (former foster child)

16:30 - Migration and care: the links in a global chain

17:30 - conversations

Marcela Turati (Mexican writer, researcher, journalist) interviewed by Gumersindo Lafuente (Deputy Director of

18:15 - conversations

Óscar Martínez (Writer, researcher, Salvadoran journalist) interviewed by David Jiménez (Journalist, writer and columnist for The New York Times)

19:00 - I screwed up, group session (relax, it's happened to all of us)

Nacho Calle (Maldita, Público)

Friday, october 7th

12:00 - CARNE CRUDA on migrant youth and foster families

Special program live from Merida

13:30 - Closing ceremony

Eileen Truax, Content Director of the International Congress of Migration Journalism of Mérida

Guillermo Fernández Vara, President of the Regional Government of Extremadura